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Office Mold Testing: Why It Pays to Hire a Certified Tester

October 15, 2021

Mold can grow anywhere. From expensive high rise apartment buildings to huge warehouses, fungal infestation is an incredibly prominent problem in many buildings. And it leads to health complications and extensive repairs. There is a way, however, to keep things in check and stop the issue from getting much bigger: office mold testing.

In particular, mold testing is a simple process where air samples are collected to be tested for the growth of certain fungal microorganisms. By doing this, your professionals will know exactly where the infestation is and what type of mold is growing. That way, they will know the best course of action to take. And you will be on your way to a mold free home. In addition, some other benefits of testing your office for mold are: 

Keeping Your Employees Happy

Ensuring the health and happiness of your employees should be a primary priority for any business owner. Of course, nobody wants to work in an environment where people are constantly coughing or sniffling. Or, where their own health can be severely compromised by toxic mold. Getting regular office mold testing can go a huge way to not only protecting your workers but will send a huge message that you care about them and are willing to go the extra mile at any time. By seeing this, your employees will be more concentrated and eager to learn/work. In addition, they will be happier to stay at your company. 

Keeps Things Productive

Aside from the poor moral that comes from working in a place that has visible mold and seeing coworkers sick, mold itself can impact mental health and productivity. Also, by making sure that your office is mold free, you will make sure your employees are unencumbered by mold and other pollutants in the air. It’s also important to consider that frequent mold outbreaks can often cause your employees to take more regular sick days. This, of course, reduces overall productivity.

Stop Expensive Repairs

Allowing a mold infestation to go unchecked for an extended period of time can make extensive repairs necessary. In particular, replacing walls, insulation, and even wiring can all get incredibly expensive. And that’s not even getting into follow up and other additional testing. 

They say the best cure is prevention, and that’s exactly what air quality testing is for. Therefore, by catching a mold problem early, you can ensure that it won’t spread to other rooms and parts of the home that may be more challenging/expensive to repair. As best practice, we recommend getting professional office mold testing annually.

Get Professional Air Quality Testing for Your Home or Office

When you’re in the hands of professional air quality testers, you’ll know that your health and property will be taken care of to the fullest extent of what we can do. Hence, by utilizing modern techniques, we will be able to get you on the path to cleaner air by knowing exactly what’s happening and giving you actionable insights on how to move forward.

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