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A work environment should be productive and safe. An IndoorDoctor independent assessment will ensure the healthiest most productive work environment through independent indoor environmental testing.

Document Current Conditions

Documenting your current indoor conditions identifies the healthiness of your indoor environment and establishes useful benchmarks for accurate monitoring of the air you breathe. An IndoorDoctor® independent evaluation logs all observations, diagnostic readings, laboratory data, and corrective actions in an easy to read format.

Employee Complaint Response

IndoorDoctor rapidly responds to employee related concerns about the overall air quality. We will confirm or deny potential triggers like mold, allergens, chemicals, particulate matter and other toxins along with sensible next steps to make your work environment as healthy as possible.

Reduce Liability

Inaction and unresponsiveness creates unnecessary liability and risk for all parties. Scheduling and IndoorDoctor independent evaluation reduces your liability by taking prompt, proactive measures to document current conditions, establish baseline indoor air quality levels, assess overall environmental risk and formulate an appropriate action plan. However, buildings are complex structures whose indoor air quality varies seasonally, occupancy, deferred maintenance seasonal changes,

Improve Productivity

Studies show a healthy indoor work environment improves productivity and reduces absenteeism. Scheduling an IndoorDoctor air quality evaluation is the only way to ensure your systems are working at peak performance so that your people can too.

Enact Insurance Coverage

Independent environmental sampling can help enact existing insurance coverage giving you flexible options, reimburse costly repairs and testing services. IndoorDoctor® has earned a solid reputation amoung insurance agencies as being fair, balanced and ultra-responsive. We will represent your best interests regarding the health consequences for your claim.

Supercharge Your Existing Air Purifiers With ActivePure Technology

Schedule Work Air Quality Testing

Workplace air quality testing – either in person or virtual – gives you an accurate understanding of what your company owners and staff breathe every day. Our top-of-line sampling equipment measures:

Mold & Allergens
Volatile Organic Compounds
Path 12772
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
Toxic Gasses
Particulate Matter
(PM_ 2.5, 10.0)
Path 12726
Temperature &
Relative Humidity

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Prevent Further Building Damage

Identifying and correcting building deficiencies will not only improve the healthiness of the work environment but will prevent further contamination, costlier repairs and damage. We can help identify and correct deficiencies with our state-of-the-art equipment and testing techniques.

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Certified Mold Investigations

An IndoorDoctor® certified mold investigation confirms or denies the
presence of toxic mold in the air or on surfaces, and identifies it by type
and concentration.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

An IndoorDoctor® indoor air quality evaluation detects and quantifies
unhealthy air using proven sampling techniques and instant onsite

Specialty Testing

IndoorDoctor® addresses your concerns about specific toxin and indoor pollutant sensitivities through specialty testing.

Virtual Testing

IndoorDoctor® created a innovative new method in getting testing results from your home any where you are.