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Our Process

1. Initial Survey

IndoorDoctor’s process begins with your inquiry. During our initial conversation we will gather facts regarding your chief concern. Important preliminary information includes first an explanation of your concern, its adverse health effects, its onset, and the people affected and their previously diagnosed conditions; and second the layout of the property and the defined areas of concern, history of repairs or improvements to the property, and most importantly, your goal for the inspection. Next, you will schedule an assessment. An IndoorDoctor specialist will make every attempt to meet your schedule and deadlines. Our rapid response will enable you to gain solvency and peace of mind in the least amount of time possible. Before our visit, we will outline the pricing options. There are no hidden charges.

2. Assessment

On the day of the assessment, our uniformed specialist will verify your goals for the evaluation and testing. We will tour the property before using our calibrated, state-of-the-art testing equipment to take the prescribed diagnostic readings. During the inspection, the IndoorDoctor inspector will be glad to explain the function and specifications of each testing instrument.

3. Sampling

During the assessment phase, the inspector will take the appropriate type and number of samples needed to diagnose your environmental issue. During the sampling process, The IndoorDoctor specialist will continue to gather key diagnostic data. They will note the conditions that affect the sample on a chain of custody sheet that will accompany the samples to the laboratory.

4. Processing

After collecting the samples, the IndoorDoctor specialist will review the initial findings, give a general impression, and discuss the expected turn-around time with you. Our specialist will then send the samples and the chain of custody document to be processed at a third party accredited laboratory

5. Reporting

As soon as IndoorDoctor receives the laboratory results, the specialist will generate your customized report. If any imminent health concern exists, the specialist will notify you immediately. All IndoorDoctor reports recap the observations and technical readings taken during the inspection, interprets and translates the raw laboratory data into common terms, explains the significance of the results, pertinent standards, and guidelines for the contaminants of concern, and, if needed, details a corrective action plan.

6. Consulting

Follow-up consulting services are available upon request.

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