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An IndoorDoctor® Certified Mold Inspection confirms or denies the presence of toxic mold in the air or on surfaces, and identifies it by type and concentration. Based on these laboratory results, an accredited environmental engineer will generate a custom report stating whether conditions are favorable for mold growth and also identifying the root cause of the environmental concern. We make every effort to accommodate your schedule and timeline.

Your Certified IndoorDoctor®
Mold Inspection Includes:

  • Clear interpretation and explanation of the laboratory data presented in layman’s terms.
  • Concise recap of the observations and comments made during the assessment.
  • An appropriate action plan to correct and improve the conditions based on accepted protocol and guidelines for remediation.
  • Infrared imagery to detect thermal gradient changes that may indicate hidden moisture zones, which promote mold growth.
  • Digital hygrometers to measure the relative humidity with precise digital moisture meters.
  • Accepted protocol and guidelines for remediation with priority processing to accredited laboratories.
  • Fully calibrated air-sampling devices and sterilize sampling equipment.
  • Expert follow up consultation.

Infrared Camera

Detects hidden moisture pockets that could lead to toxic mold. A thermal camera is used in home inspection to quickly analyze the environment for issues ranging from missing insulation which can increase energy bills. The thermal images from the camera can also detect leaks underfloor, walls or on the ceiling. It can be used inside and outside enabling the home inspector to safely and efficiently do their job.

Digital Moisture Meter

Instantly quantifies true moisture percentage to verify if surface will support toxic mold growth. Measure the moisture content of building materials with a moisture meter. Analog and digital models can help determine the moisture level of wood, paper, drywall, concrete and more to help ensure the quality and integrity of materials used in construction projects.


Fully calibrated sampling pumps draw air evenly, at a controlled flow rate, for accurate testing results.

IAQ Meter

Detects hidden moisture pockets that could lead to toxic mold. We can detect the CO2 levels and concentrations in your home as well calculate the statistical weighted averages.

“Jeff and Abe were GREAT! A family member had been diagnosed as having mold induced toxins as a result of her susceptibility and long term exposure to mold in our home. The medical implications are significant. Some mitigation had gotten...

Kirk Bishop Wenham,MA

“I sent a message to Indoor Doctor and within 10 minutes got a call from Jeff, the owner. The minute I started talking to him I knew this was going to be an excellent experience. He was so upbeat, positive,...

John Maier Andover MA

“5 stars is an understatement for Indoor Doctor and the phenomenal customer service we received from Abraham. After dealing with several health issues, we reached out to test for mold and immediately got a call back answering all of our...

Amelia Lambert, Chelmsford MA

“There is no way I can fully describe the outstanding service of this company! Amazing customer service! Right from the start when I had my initial intake call with John, who was so patient with all my questions, all the...

Lisa Cone McDonald, Bedford MA

“I had a great experience with IndoorDoctor during a very stressful time. They tested our air quality and they were quick about writing a very professional, easy-to-digest report with concrete suggestions for improving the situation. And when I had additional...

Katie Wheeler, Gloucester MA

“The folks at IndoorDoctor have been terrific. They were really helpful and informative. Prices are quite reasonable. Products were all delivered on time as promised, and the products are superb. We have 7 of the Austin Healthmate Jr. and the...

Dr. Marty Zase Colchester CT

“I just used Indoor Doctor to check for possible mold in a house. I connected with Jeff Bradley initially, and scheduled an appointment. From beginning to end the experience was great . The Technician Abe was extremely professional, knowledgeable, information...

Sheila White, Wellesley MA

“Abraham is a good guy who cares about what he can do for his client. I recommend him without reservation.”

Arthur Licata, Needham MA

“IndoorDoctor has been a game changer for us! Jeff’s professional analysis and simple-to-follow recommendations have made a significant difference in our home’s air quality. We especially feel safer in our home knowing their solutions help eliminate possible COVID-19 virus exposure....

Marcy Dusseault, Hooksett NH

“After several weeks of researching Environmental Testing companies, I selected and made a call to IndoorDoctor. From the moment I engaged in conversation with Jeff Bradley, I knew that this was the organization that was going assist me in getting...

Arthur Santilli, MS,MPH,ACHE Plymouth, MA

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Certified Mold Inspections

An IndoorDoctor® certified mold inspections confirms or denies the presence of toxic mold in the air or on surfaces, and identifies it by type and concentration.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

An IndoorDoctor® indoor air quality evaluation detects and quantifies unhealthy air using proven sampling techniques and instant onsite diagnostics.

Specialty Testing

IndoorDoctor® addresses your concerns about specific toxin and indoor pollutant sensitivities through specialty testing.

On-Demand Testing

IndoorDoctor® created a innovative new method in getting testing results from your home any where you are.