Certified Mold Investigations

An IndoorDoctor® certified mold investigation confirms or denies the presence of toxic mold in the air or on surfaces, and identifies it by type and concentration.

Based on these laboratory results, an accredited environmental engineer will generate a custom report stating whether conditions are favorable for mold growth and also identifying the root cause of the environmental concern. We make every effort to accommodate your schedule and timeline.

Your certified IndoorDoctor mold investigation includes:

  • Clear interpretation and explanation of the laboratory data presented in layman’s terms.
  • An appropriate action plan to correct and improve the conditions based on accepted protocol and guidelines for remediation.
  • Concise recap of the observations and comments made during the assessment.
  • Infrared imagery to detect thermal gradient changes that may indicate hidden moisture zones, which promote mold growth.
  • Precise digital moisture meters.
  • Fully calibrated air-sampling devices.
  • Sterile sampling equipment.
  • Digital hygrometers to measure the relative humidity.
  • Priority processing to accredited laboratories.
  • Accepted protocol and guidelines for remediation.
  • Expert follow up consultation.

Featured Equipment

Our fully calibrated, state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic equipment enables superior onsite assessments, unmatched by any other company in the industry. We are constantly upgrading our testing and diagnostic equipment with the newest cutting-edge technology to give you the best assessment possible.

Infrared Camera

Detects hidden moisture pockets that could lead to toxic mold.

Digital Moisture Meter

Instantly quantifies true moisture percentage to verify if surface will support toxic mold growth.


Fully calibrated sampling pumps draw air evenly, at a controlled flow rate, for accurate testing results.

IAQ Meters

Records critical air quality metrics to fully understand if the indoor conditions are favorable for toxic mold.

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