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Maintain A Healthy Bathroom and Reduce Illness

February 28, 2018

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An unhealthy bathroom leads to illness. With a few simple precautions you can make your bathroom healthy. Every room and corner of our home needs complete attention to ensure good health and functioning of the home. Our home environment is the space we live and breathe in, and it has a great impact on our overall health and wellness.

Black Mold 

The bathroom, especially the shower needs special attention too. What most homeowners don’t realize is that the moisture content is extremely high in the shower area, which can lead to the formation of unhealthy black mold, if ignored. Black mold like Stachybotrys not just affects the health but also impacts the floor, tiles and overall functioning within the bathroom. The moisture can leak from tubs onto the floor and thus a tight seal around the tub is an absolute necessity. In the same way mold formation behind the shower may be unseen and over time build up and impact the working and health of the shower.


It is increasingly important to quickly and timely repair any loose tiles and even consider the option of remodeling your shower to better avoid moisture and mold formation. Every bathroom requires a proper exhaust fan that must be left running for more than 30 minutes post a bath to remove all the moisture that builds up after a bath. It does not matter whether you have a hot or cold-water bath, moisture increases anyway.

Caulking, a process that seals joints or seams in piping and any structure, must thus be ensured. A regular thorough cleaning is another necessity that must be followed on regular intervals. If you are renting or buying a new house, make sure you check for these signs:

  • Loose or broken tiles
  • Moisture collection under the tub
  • Run taps to see if water gets clogged
  • A thorough check for broken cracks or open joints
  • Seals for taps and joints

Avoid Carpet Cleaning During Humid Days To Prevent Toxic Mold

The health of our home and loved ones is impacted by everything within a home. We are often so busy keeping up the surface and exterior that the internal needs get ignored. It is the foundation that contributes to complete functioning and health, and it must be the first priority. The shower is one of the most used areas within a home and it plays a significant role in how the entire home works.

Is your shower healthy? Are you mold free and risk free from damaging health affects? Look into it and get expert help.

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