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Avoid Carpet Cleaning During Humid Days To Prevent Toxic Mold

August 17, 2018

Avoid cleaning your carpets during humid days to prevent mold. Often, proper ventilation and air circulation prevents mold growth. However, during the summers, the indoor air becomes rich in moisture when you open the windows and air inlets.  This can cause the carpet’s fabric to stretch out and expand in size and volume. To get it back in shape, you need to dry it professionally.

Carpet maintenance and cleaning should be done on a periodic basis to ensure its cleanliness and keeps its quality intact. However, you must choose the right time to clean your carpet. Humidity is a factor that affects carpets, and you must take into your account.

During summers, the high humidity content in air and frequent precipitation create moisture. The temperature is relatively high throughout summers and the climate remains warm. These factors create the optimum environment for mold growth. Mold and algae require moisture for growing and a warm temperature to sustain.

 Another way to reduce moisture in air is by lowering the temperature of the room. Turning on an air cooler or air conditioner can significantly reduce the humidity. Carpets can be dried faster this way. Professional carpet cleaners have the right cleaning and drying tools and procedures. Therefore, it is recommended that you get your carpet professionally cleaned. The carpet’s shape, size and quality will be retained.

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What happens when carpets retain humidity?

  • Facilitates mold growth

If carpets are cleaned when the weather is humid, it absorbs the moisture from the air. This wets the carpet and forms the perfect environment for mold growth. Furthermore, the warm climate encourages mold infection.

  • Home to pollutants, insects and bad odor

Moisture content in carpets causes bad odor. It reduces the quality of the fabric by wetting it and stretching it out. Pollutants, microorganisms and insects find shelter in wet and moist carpets. Insects can lay eggs or release droppings in the carpet which are not visible to the naked eye. This can spread diseases and cause allergies.

These disadvantages of home cleaning carpet during summers can be eliminated if you consider hiring professional help. Professional carpet cleaning services clean the carpet thoroughly without letting moisture ruin the fabric. Efficient drying techniques do not let mold or algae to infest. Another benefit is that it takes much lesser time than what it would have taken at home.

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