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Hurricane Sandy Moisture and Mold

November 5, 2012

Homeowners in New England may not think that their basement took in water from Hurricane Sandy, but hidden moisture may exist within carpeting and walls.   This moisture can seep into the basement foundation, leading to very favorable conditions for mold growth, IndoorDoctor President Jeffrey Bradley warns.   Unseen and unidentified dampness from Hurricane Irene makes for a toxic arrangement when coupled with basements’ already higher mold spore counts that are present due to higher humidity and lack of overall cross ventilation.

“Even a minimal increase in moisture content can create a ‘fungal jungle’ in carpeting and lead to black mold on the wallboard,” Bradley states.”I see cases three months after a storm event where an entire family is sick due to hidden mold growth.”

To avoid the dangerous risks associated with molds Bradley strongly urges homeowners to have their home inspected and tested for mold.   IndoorDoctor uses sophisticated equipment like Infrared technology to detect hidden moisture pockets and digital moisture meters to record moisture content within building materials.

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