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Why Your Front Loading Washing Machine Can Make You Sick from Toxic Mold

November 30, 2013

Instead of keeping you clean, many front-loading washing machines can make you green with toxic mold and harmful bacteria’s. Water accumulates behind the seals. You may not notice visual signs of mold but every time you open and close the washer door you could be releasing tens of thousands of toxic mold spores, usually of the Cladosporium type.  In addition to inhaling this pathogenic spore cloud you could exposure yourself to dermal issues by touching mold on the surfaces of the door followed by ingesting the mold by not washing your hands.  Manufacturers of front loading washing machines are snarled in Class Action Suits (see links below).

Surprisingly, the manufactures of such defective washing machines continue to downplay the issue by contending mold formation and the foul odor is a normal part of use.  The foul odor is actually a chemical release from biological growth known as a microbial volatile organic compound (mVOC) which contain similar attributes to traditional VOCs like paints, aerosols and petroleum based products.  The ill effects from the mVOCs is significantly worsened with the introduction of toxic spores. Some people may not be affected by short term mold exposure, however, many people suffer immediately from mold exposure and others from chronic exposure. To minimize your mold risk when using a front loading washing machine we recommend:

1)      Leaving the door open after washing.

2)      Sanitize the door seals, gaskets and glass after laundering.

3)      Dehumidify or condition the laundry room if the relative humidity remains above 60%.

4)      Run a hot water wash with no clothes and use bleach or white vinegar instead of detergent.

5)      Remove Clothes Promptly

6)      Use High-Efficiency Detergent

7)      Add a manufacturer recommended fan kit to your washing machine to accelerate the drying process after use.

8)      Run the cleaning cycle at least as often as the manufacturer suggests.

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