Mold Testing

    🔍 *2 x Mold Samples (Air or Surface):* Gain insights into your indoor environment by collecting two mold samples, whether it’s from the air or surfaces within your home.

    🎙️ *Free Live Zoom Expert Consultation:* Receive a complimentary expert consultation via Zoom while you take your samples and after you receive your report. (Valued at $199)

    📦 *Prepaid Overnight FedEx Envelope to Laboratory:* We make it hassle-free by including a prepaid FedEx envelope for a prompt delivery to the laboratory. (Valued at $75)

    ⚡ *Priority Processing with Results 2-5 Business Days:* Get your results quickly, with a turnaround time of just 2-5 business days.

    🔬 *Laboratory Analysis and Explanations:* Your samples will undergo thorough laboratory analysis, and you’ll receive comprehensive explanations of the findings.

    📊 *Easy-to-Understand Reporting:* Our reports are designed to be easily comprehensible, so you can quickly grasp the information you need.

    📋 *Recommendations for Next Steps:* We provide you with recommendations on what to do next based on your test results, ensuring you’re well-informed about your indoor environment.

    *Additional sampling media included for extra samples.
    ⚡⚡*Next day results available upon request. *

    ⚡⚡⚡*Need Your Test Kit Sooner?  * Opt for Next Day Shipping (+ $100).

    *Want to Speak to a Representative Now?* Use our Instant Connect feature to get in touch with our team instantly, and they’ll be happy to assist you. Abby Reception is just a click away.

    With our comprehensive mold testing kit, expert guidance, and quick results, you can take control of your indoor environment’s health and safety.

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