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7. 22. 21

How Wildfire Soot Impairs Indoor Air Quality

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6. 29. 21

Schedule a Soot Air Test After Fire Damage

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6. 21. 21

IndoorDoctor® Now Performing Virtual Indoor Air Quality Testing

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1. 29. 21

Why Is My Home’s Air Filter Turning Black?

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12. 29. 20

Why Proper Basement Ventilation Using EZ Breathe Is Key To Your Family’s Health

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12. 23. 20

Overbaked Insulation Results In Basement Odor Complaints

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11. 25. 20

HVAC Upgrades Not Enough: Schools Need Portable Air Purifiers to Open Safely

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7. 6. 20

To UV or Not UV Light That Is The Question

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7. 1. 20

10 Ways Your Baby’s Bedroom Air Quality Can be Improved

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6. 25. 20

You Have Been Diagnosed With Mycotoxin Illness, Now What?

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If you believe that you may be exposed to this material in your workplace or home, be sure to seek out fiberglass air testing as soon as possible.…

By providing yourself with a portable air purifier, you will be able to breathe easily from the office to your room.…

Smoke and soot from wildfires may be causing more Covid-19 cases and deaths, study finds…

How Wildfire Soot Impairs Indoor Air Quality… We recommend you get your indoor air quality (IAQ) tested for harmful soot and particulate matter (PM). Running a medical grade HEPA filter in each room helps.

IndoorDoctor now offers soot testing nationwide. If you live near wildfires, experienced an indoor fire or puff back and are concerned about exposure to soot and toxins, please reach out.… #soot #puffback #wildfires #airquality

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