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Blizzard Will Cause Widespread Mold Damage for Hundreds of Thousands of New Englanders

February 12, 2013

As New Englanders dig out from last week’s historic blizzard, a silent threat is creeping into their homes: mold. The snow accumulation on roofs and the high drifts against homes will soon start to melt as temperatures increase. While temperatures are expected to rise above the freezing point during the day, however, they are predicted to retreat below 32 degrees during the night, creating ideal conditions for ice damming and moisture penetration. Such conditions are breeding grounds for mold growth.

IndoorDoctor is bracing for a surge in mold-related claims due to the storm. We recommend that homeowners inspect their attics, basements and other moisture-prone areas for signs of damage and to call one of his specially trained and accredited mold inspectors to detected hidden deficiencies.  To eliminate any doubt about the safety of your air quality or home environment, IndoorDoctor’s engineers use specialized detection equipment such as digital moisture meters and infrared cameras to identify areas susceptible to mold growth. If mold is present, IndoorDoctor will have additional diagnostic testing equipment on hand to identify and quantify the type of fungal activity. Bradley urges homeowners to hire a properly equipped, independent environmental engineering company such as IndoorDoctor to detect these hidden deficiencies and storm damage before family members start to get sick or areas of the home cannot be salvaged. He also reminds concerned parties to check their homeowner’s insurance policy regarding storm damage and to specifically inquire about any mold coverage they have. This coverage, Bradley says, may include the proper testing and inspecting along with any remedial actions that have the power to thwart mold-related illnesses.

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