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Auto Repair Shops Release Toxic Fumes

August 19, 2018

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Auto repair shops release toxic fumes are concentrated in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Air pollution is one of the most dangerous forms of pollution which can lead to a number of diseases. Cars, flying planes, smoking and industrial discharge are some of the common sources of outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution is also equally dangerous for people who have to put up with it every day for work or other purposes. Auto repair shops have poor air quality. This is a guide that sheds light on the hazards of repair shop waiting area for customers who visit auto repair shops.

If you are visiting an automotive repair shop, you must take necessary caution to avoid being affected by the emissions. Engine emissions that are untreated and hydrocarbons which contaminate the air, can affect your lungs. Exhaust and fumes from diesel can be carcinogenic as well. Therefore, you must avoid the waiting rooms while visiting an automotive or an auto repair shop. The high levels of VOCs may trigger severe health issues. It could lead to asthma, headaches, coughing and adverse diseases.

Children’s Most Sensitive to Toxic Fumes

If you have children with you, you must not expose them to the indoor air under any circumstance. Children are more sensitive and have low immunity. Therefore, they will be easily affected by the poor air quality.

Suffering From Brain Fog

An individual pollutant source may not pose as a threat but the cumulative effect of all the sources can be detrimental. Repair shops must take effective measures to reduce the risk of causing diseases. It not only affects the people sitting in the waiting room but has a worse effect on the workers who are bound in that environment for long hours on a daily basis.


While visiting an automotive shop, ensure that there are air cleaners and filters. Industries must make use of advanced air cleaning systems for customers as well as the employees so that the air remains clean. If the cleaning system is integrated with HEPA and activated carbon, it will be more effective in keeping the environment safer. Some air cleanup systems have massive absorbent areas and customizable filtration media. These systems trap the ultrafine volatile organic compounds, chemicals, toxic fumes and harmful particulates that affect human health.

Whether it is your garage or an auto repair shop, air filtration and cleanup systems must be installed for the safety of life.

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