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5 Ways for a Healthy Home In 15 Minutes

August 11, 2017

Here are 5 ways for a healthy home in 15 minutes. Follow these suggestions and we guarantee your home will become healthier.

1. Clean out and run your shower exhaust fan during and 30 minutes after bathing. Excess moisture will rapidly build up in your bathroom resulting a significant increase in molds, bacteria and foul odors that not only impact your bathroom but adjacent bedrooms and living areas. You should not see visible mold on the ceiling or condensate marks. If you are upgrading your shower exhaust fan, we recommend the Whisper Green bathroom fan by Panasonic.

Run Shower Exhaust Fan For 30 Minutes After Bathing

2. Run Quality Air Purifier. Even with good air quality we recommend running an air purifier to reduce indoor allergens, chemicals and toxins. When choosing a quality air purifier ensure that it is made in a reputable country, contains a HEPA filter for molds and allergens along with significant carbon filtration to reduce harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

3. Lower the setting on your dehumidifier. In nearly all inspections we see that the dehumidifier is either undersized or set to a humidity level that will support mold. We recommend that your dehumidifier can discharge into a sump pit or approved drainage portal, so you don’t have to rely on emptying the bucket every day. Remember to ensure that your dehumidifier can cover the entire basement; both finished and unfinished sections. Humidity levels above 50% will support mold particularly the Penicillium and Aspergillus type molds. Ensure the dehumidifier is at floor level to improve efficiency.

4. Change the filter in your HEPA filtered vacuum bag. If you don’t have a HEPA filtered vacuum or need an upgrade, we recommend any model made by Miele. We find that bagged versions are much better at controlling allergens than the bagless types. You should change the filter bag when it is ¾ full to sustain good air quality when vacuuming.

5. Open windows. When suitable open your windows to encourage fresh air. Inside air quality is almost always worse than outdoors so air out your nest!

Breathe Deeply and Be Well! Contact IndoorDoctor today for your healthier tomorrow.

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