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5 Benefits To Quality Assurance Mold Testing

May 4, 2020

There are numerous benefits for quality assurance mold testing. We highly encourage you to inform your remediation company that you reserve the right to conduct independent quality assurance mold testing during and post remediation to ensure a healthy environment.

5 Benefits

1. Ensure the mold levels are low and normal with in the contained area.

The disturbance of materials that contain molds will undoubtedly release millions of mold spores which is why running commercial grade air scrubbers, negative air machines (NAM) and enforcing strict impenetrable containment chambers is so critical in the remediation process. You will want to know that these control measures are working during and after the remediation process by scheduling quality assurance air and surface sampling.

2.  Identify hidden issues within the contained area.

During a quality assurance evaluation, we were conducting air sampling in a living area where the area of concern was a recent leak from the ceiling and contamination in the HVAC. The laboratory results revealed elevated spores to suggest another hot pocket of mold under the wood floors that occurred from a separate issue prior to the purchase of the home. Without the QA sampling this issue might have gone undetected for many years.

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3. Ensure the very best work from your remediation company.

If your remediation company knows that you plan on conducting quality assurance testing it will likely flush out all the exclusions that may apply for your remediation and other constraints that you are unaware of. The remediation company will likely put their most experienced work crew on your project to ensure successful passing of the quality assurance inspection versus an inexperienced crew and risk repeating the work.

4. Fulfills insurance, legal and mortgage requirements.

Quality assurance testing is necessary to close out a project, receive funding or meet lending requirements. Be sure to obtain explicit instructions on the specific testing required prior to conducting quality assurance testing. Get a clear mutual of understanding of the goals, pricing and number of samples prior to quality assurance mold testing.

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5. Enables healthy renovations.

Once the contaminated material is removed you will want to put the pieces back together in an uncontaminated environment. Furthermore, it makes sense to identify any contaminated areas prior to putting up new ceiling, walls and flooring.

Contact us for further information and benefits to how quality assurance testing will enable successful remediation for your next project.

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