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7 Reasons Why You Should Test Your Home For Toxic Mold Today

October 31, 2019

Living in a healthy home free from toxic mold is something you can control. However, the warning signs of elevated mold spores and associated mycotoxins are not that obvious. We encourage all homeowners to conduct regular mold testing to ensure their home is free from toxic mold.

5 Reasons Why You Should Test Your Home for Toxic Mold Today

1.Identify hidden black mold like Stachybotrys. Water damage markers like the infamous Stachybotrys black mold are very stick and hidden behind gypsum-based sheetrock walls. We recommend air sampling in bathrooms, basement and areas subjected to water damage or ice damming.

2.Identify common invisible spores like Aspergillus and Penicillium. These common molds can quickly grow and bloom exponential invading carpeting, furniture, air ducts and ultimately your lungs! Basement areas and closets are notorious for Aspergillus and Penicllium type molds that thrive on sustained humidity and restricted airflow often yielding a musty odor.

3.Prevent Illness. Getting sick is expensive. Furthermore, think about the loss of productivity and overall reduction in quality of life. You can prevent illness through proper identification of toxins that can cause illness like mold.

Maintain A Healthy Bathroom and Reduce Illness

4. Protect Your Children. Discerning parents will go to great lengths to protect their kids. You’ll buy the best car seats, safest automobile, and avoid storing hazardous material within arm’s reach, but what about the air your children are breathing. Is your home full of toxic spores making your kids sick? Why wait until illness strikes to find out?

5. Prevent Asthma. If you have Asthma how much money would you pay to eliminate this respiratory disease? Molds can cause irreversible Asthma and directly influence an Asthma attack.

6. Protect Your Belongings. Let’s face it you work hard for your money and it’s a real waste to throw away expensive suitcases, furniture, clothing and non-replaceable keepsakes contaminated by toxic mold.

7. Enable Better Medical Treatment. We have found that our clients who regularly conduct air quality and mold testing receive better medical diagnosing. If you suffer from brain fog, muscle pain, memory loss, hair loss, respiratory issues, eczema, or other abnormality let your MD know that you’ve been exposed to mold.

If you want to ensure your home is as health as possible contact the experts at IndoorDoctor today for your healthier tomorrow.

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