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Why Proper Basement Ventilation Using EZ Breathe Is Key To Your Family’s Health

December 29, 2020

Most basements we test are very sick and lack proper ventilation causing a buildup of harmful toxins. As a homeowner, your basement has limitless potential. The additional space can be used as a personal gym, guest room, play area, office, and more. At the same time, your basement can be home to unwanted guests such as moisture, mold, radon, and even COVID-19. Fortunately, proper ventilation systems like EZ Breathe can help preserve your air quality while preventing dangerous pollutants.

Reduce Illness In Your Home With Better Ventilation

The Importance of Basement Ventilation in 2021 and Beyond

As a result of the global pandemic, people worldwide are spending significantly more time at home. This trend is expected to continue in the months and years to come as remote work increases in popularity. While enjoying the additional family time, homeowners are also beginning to ask, “is the environment in my basement safe?”

Even if you don’t use your basement regularly, an estimated 40% of the air you breathe originates in the basement. That’s why homeowners nationwide are installing dependable basement ventilation such as the EZ Breathe System to eliminate harmful moisture and pollutants.

Health Concerns from Low-Quality Air

In addition to causing increased rates of asthma, allergies, and even cancer, polluted indoor air can harbor COVID-19. By circulating microscopic droplets, infectious particles can spread if left unchecked. Without basement ventilation, underground spaces provide the perfect cold and dark environment for viruses and pollutants to live.

Additional concerns include:

  • Excess moisture that can lead to undesirable odors and weakened structures
  • Hazardous mold that can cause heightened asthma and respiratory problems
  • Cancer-causing radon gases and VOCs that emit from the surrounding soil

By providing a means for harmful contaminants and pollutants to escape, you can effectively avoid the damage that can result to both your health and home.

How EZ Breathe Can Help You Immediately 

By incorporating ventilation technology like the EZ Breathe System into your basement, you can ensure high-quality air throughout your entire home. Backed by scientific studies, this leading home solution circulates, purifies, and dehumidifies your air, resulting in upwards of 85% reductions in harmful mold spores and pollutants.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of your family, order your EZ Breathe System today. With a 10-year warranty and a modern design, this innovative air technology helps you make the most of your basement with uncompromising peace of mind.

For questions about the ordering process or basement ventilation in general, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable IndoorDoctor support team using our contact page.

Thank you for reading!

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