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Servicing Your Heating System Annually Will Improve Your Health

December 14, 2017



Here’s How
1.  Schedule Service Each Year Before Use: Even if you think your furnace “looks ok” and ran fine last year the contaminants do build up and will enter the home.

2.  Hire An Independent HVAC Specialist. Sometimes hiring your oil company to send out “their tech” to service your furnace is not in your best interest as its often not in their primary skill set to identify and correct deficiencies. We’ve found it best to hire a local expert passionate about your home’s heating system.

3.  Regularly Look At Your Furnace. Even if you don’t know the first thing about how a heating system works you could probably spot things that don’t look right like a crack in the exhaust, fuel leakage, foul odor or burning residue.

4.  Test Your Air Quality. We find that the air quality in the home during winter months is worse than other times during the year because of improperly maintained systems. People attribute their headaches, eye, nose and throat irritation as seasonal when it could be toxic pollutants invading the air you breathe.


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