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PureHaven Safe Non-Toxic Products You Can Trust

March 17, 2019

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Products today seem to tout terms like “Green”, “Non-Toxic”, “Safe”, but are they really that safe? If you want the safest and healthiest products for your family, I recommend you check out the collection at and contact their expert consultant, Suzanne Elkind.

Posted Below by Suzanne Elkind

My youngest daughter has asthma, and my oldest daughter is developing way too fast – if you know what I mean!  I am a nurse-midwife and am very diligent about watching what products my kids use.  I am aware of the harm that Xenoestrogens can cause on young bodies increasing the overall circulation of estrogen in the body.  I have always focused on the safety of sunscreen and body products – using the environmental working groups website as a tool.  One thing I failed to research however was laundry, dish detergent or cleaning products as well as the air quality in my own home.

Products Aren’t as Safe as They Appear

A week ago, I started researching the products we thought were safe.  One such product was Tide – Free and Clear and upon researching it on the Environmental Working Group site, it has a terrible rating!  I looked up some of the other products and they also were known endocrine disruptors.  This all happened at the same time we noticed mold growing on our windows that were wet with condensation.  I called the IndoorDoctor who came to check it out and they found high levels of chemicals and poor air quality concentrated particularly in our children’s bedrooms.  So not only am I contaminating my daughters with everyday products but also from the air we are breathing.

The Link Between Indoor Air Quality and Eczema


The result of all this is that we got indoor air purifiers from Austin as recommended by Jeff and a recommendation for a filtered air system in our house.  On the home product front, I now only use Pure Haven products.  Pure Haven is a local organization based out of RI that quality tests all the ingredients in their products unlike some of the big manufacturers out there that may not be as diligent with their testing.  We now only use Pure Haven products to clean our house too with ingredients such as white vinegar, baking soda and essential oils.  My hope is that my youngest daughter will no longer have asthma and my oldest daughter will not develop so quickly.  And according to Jeff, we might all start feeling better in our home.  At the end of the day – who wants to be poisoned by the air in their homes and the products they use to clean and care for their homes and bodies?  I don’t!

If interested in looking at Pure Haven products go to  – to purchase use my consultant ID 26337

Email: [email protected]

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