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7. 28. 19

Sustained New England Humidity Causes Widespread Illness

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7. 27. 19

Coughing at Home? Your Indoor Air Quality Could Be to Blamee

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6. 12. 19

Attic Mold Testing: How Healthy Is Your Attic?

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5. 16. 19

Air Duct Cleaning: How Dirty Ducts Cause Illness

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5. 13. 19

Vaping Indoors: How E-Cigarettes Affects Indoor Air Quality

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4. 27. 19

The Invisible Dangers of Ozone Machines: Do They Make Your Air Quality Worse?

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3. 17. 19

PureHaven Safe Non-Toxic Products You Can Trust

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3. 16. 19

The Link Between Indoor Air Quality and Eczema

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3. 10. 19

Toxic Mold and How It Destroys Lives

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2. 6. 19

Formaldehyde: The Toxic Secret Hiding in Your Wrinkle-Free Shirts

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If you believe that you may be exposed to this material in your workplace or home, be sure to seek out fiberglass air testing as soon as possible.…

By providing yourself with a portable air purifier, you will be able to breathe easily from the office to your room.…

Smoke and soot from wildfires may be causing more Covid-19 cases and deaths, study finds…

How Wildfire Soot Impairs Indoor Air Quality… We recommend you get your indoor air quality (IAQ) tested for harmful soot and particulate matter (PM). Running a medical grade HEPA filter in each room helps.

IndoorDoctor now offers soot testing nationwide. If you live near wildfires, experienced an indoor fire or puff back and are concerned about exposure to soot and toxins, please reach out.… #soot #puffback #wildfires #airquality

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