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11. 5. 12

Hurricane Sandy Moisture and Mold

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10. 16. 12

Expect Grater Enforcement of USP 797 In Wake of NECC Compunding Tradgedy

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10. 9. 12

Winter Is A Great Time to Conduct Indoor Air Quality Testing

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10. 8. 12

The Cost of Asbestos Testing Vs. Product Value

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10. 4. 12

How the Economy Compromises Indoor Air Quality in Rental Property, Schools and Small Businesses

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9. 29. 12

Harmful Cell Phone Raditation

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9. 28. 12

Test Your Home For Radon Every Two Years

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9. 27. 12

Newer Homes Vulnerable to Airborne Fiberglass

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How Wildfire Soot Impairs Indoor Air Quality… We recommend you get your indoor air quality (IAQ) tested for harmful soot and particulate matter (PM). Running a medical grade HEPA filter in each room helps.

IndoorDoctor now offers soot testing nationwide. If you live near wildfires, experienced an indoor fire or puff back and are concerned about exposure to soot and toxins, please reach out.… #soot #puffback #wildfires #airquality

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