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NH Mold Tester: 5 Qualities of a Good Mold Tester

October 18, 2021

If you’re a new homeowner looking for a NH mold tester, you’re shown a million different options and approaches by a variety of strangers with unknown qualifications. Unfortunately, calling the first one you see is a good way to get scammed. Or even create more harm to your home. But you can’t neglect your home. So how are you supposed to separate the needle of reliable, knowledgeable mold inspectors from everyone else? 

1. They Will Explain Everything

When using trained professionals to investigate or work with anything in your home, transparency and having things explained to you in plain language is incredibly important. Having an inspector, you know you can trust and won’t under or overstate any issue is nothing to take for granted. Any good mold tester will tell you exactly what/where the issue is, the severity of it. And he will suggest practical ways to take care of any problem you may have within a reasonable time frame. 

2. State of the Art Equipment

Technology is constantly evolving, even for mold testers. Sensitive, quality tools to sample and diagnose your issues are important to any mold testing operation. Naturally, with quality equipment comes updated, knowledgeable training, and Indoor Doctor certainly takes the knowledge and expertise of our employees seriously.

3. Go Above and Beyond

When you have an issue as potentially serious as a mold infestation, you want to know that the people you’re working with won’t take any half measures or cut corners. You want an expert NH mold tester who will inspect beyond problem areas, talk with you in detail about what they found. And think about solutions that work best for you. Don’t leave your home and health in the hands of people who want to leave the job as soon as possible.

NH Mold Tester

4. Use Accredited Sources

Part of any mold investigating operation is sending samples of any problematic material in your home to a lab that will be able to tell you exactly what you have in your home. This way, you won’t have any doubt with what you’re dealing with or how to take care of it.

5. Immediate Notification

Time is often of the essence when dealing with something as potentially hazardous as mold. When looking for a proper inspector, you want to make sure that they respond to your inquiries, provide inspection. And, of course, detail your results to you as soon as possible and understand your sense of urgency.

Looking For A NH Mold Tester?

Quality air testing in New Hampshire is just a click away. Make sure you know what you’re dealing with, and don’t expect less from the experts you’re trusting with your home. To learn more about us and to talk to one of our reliable experts, give us a call at 800.466.1522 or contact us online. 

Wanna see how we really hold up? Check out our track record and learn a bit about our previous work on our testimonials page. 

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