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Low Cost IAQ Meters Don’t Work

July 27, 2017

Low cost IAQ meters don’t work, are not accurate, and we discourage homeowners from relying on these Amazon based purchases to see if their home is healthy. Many of my clients have suffered from years of poor indoor air quality because they thought their low cost IAQ meters were accurate. We’ve seen countless instances when discovering toxins in their home they are able to remove at the source making their homes healthy again leading to a decrease in symptoms.

Reasons Why Low Cost IAQ Meters Don’t Work

  1. Cheap Materials: utilize very low-cost metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensors to determine IAQ parameters MOS sensors, when combined with a circuit.
  2. False Positives: some manufacturers employ CMOS sensors for  monitoring  total  volatile  organic  compounds (TVOCs),  carbon  monoxide  (CO),  and  in  some  cases  to derive    carbon    dioxide    (CO2)    concentration
  3. Under Reporting: CMOS sensors are  not  overly  specific  to  gases  and  also  react  to many non-­‐target gase   This leads to many false positive readings, and in some cases underreporting
  4. Fluctuations with Humidity.. CMOS sensors are sensitive  to  relative  humidity,  which  can  impact  the performance.  Because  the  sensor  element  is  heated,  the resistance   of   the   sensing   layer   is   affected   by   ambient temperature changes.
  5. No Calibration: High end accurate sensors require routine self and manufacturer calibration These low cost unit do not have the calibration processes necessary for accuracy.

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Do not risk your family’s health with bad data. Consult with an experienced indoor air quality professional to routinely monitor your home’s air quality and take corrective actions as necessary based on accurate information. IndoorDoctor can analyze your air quality for mold, chemicals, allergens, and toxins.

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