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Indoor Doctor Sells IQAir Purifiers that Filter Viruses Smaller than COVID-19 Virus

March 19, 2020

The CDC tells us that COVID-19 virus is transmitted primary by respiratory droplets released into the air and that the virus can stay airborne for 3+ hours. This leaves us all vulnerable to indoor COVID-19 transmission long after someone with symptoms vacates the room.

IndoorDoctor Has a Solution: IQAir

IndoorDoctor endorses and sells IQAir Purifiers that filter out particles 10 times smaller than viruses such as COVID-19 immediately. These units are the only air purifiers with HyperHEPA filtration, which capture 99.5% of all airborne particulates down to 0.003 microns, including the smallest and most harmful allergens, irritants and viruses. While the COVID-19 virus is .06-.14 microns in size, IQAir purifiers are equipped to filter particles down to .003 microns—much smaller than the coronavirus causing our current pandemic (NOTE: most air purifiers are rated to capture 0.3 microns, which does NOT include virus filtration)

Microscopic Image IQAIR HYPER-HEPA Filter capture 0.003 micron particles. Smaller than COVID-19

Product Types:

IQAir HealthPro: a stationary unit that creates a clean air sanctuary for up to 1,125 square feet. These units are effective in homes, offices, lobbies, reception areas, conference rooms, cafeterias, classrooms, auditoriums, health care settings and large group rooms. Get IQAir HealthPro

IQAir ATEM Desk Purifier – a personal, portable unit that filters viruses from your breathing zone (workstations, tables, nightstands, etc.). A continuous stream of pure air. Get IQAir ATEM Desk Purifier

IQAir ATEM Car Purifier – a headrest-mounted unit for car interior. The CDC asserts that COVID-19 is transmitted primarily by people within six feet of each other—a distance impossible to maintain within a passenger car. Get IQAir ATEM Car Purifier 

When to use:

NOW! IQAir purifiers help prevent transmission. They are will also be integral tools for reintegrating into potentially contaminated public settings. Many businesses, schools, and health care offices are buying these units to help give their patrons/patients peace of mind for when they reintegrate into businesses and schools. Once employees and students are back into their facilities, these units are effective quality control tools to ensure safe, virus-free air.

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