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5 Places That Need Indoor Air Testing

August 26, 2021

While indoor air testing and the general quality of our environments are important everywhere, there are certain, more crowded spaces where it takes precedence. 

Things like noxious fumes filled with volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), allergens, and mold can all affect public and private spaces. And they need indoor air testing to ensure that they remain at a healthy standard. To start, here are just a few spaces that are particularly in need of air quality monitoring.


While churches may have less consistent crowds than some of the other places on this list, it’s important to remember that individuals in churches can still be negatively impacted by poor air quality. Things like stored materials/ furniture, dust, and sitting allergens that may not be constantly cleaned can all add up.


The vast majority of children spend a good percentage of their lives at school, and poor air quality in an environment that they spend much of their lives in can negatively impact their health, especially in the age of COVID-19. That’s not even taking into consideration the staff with their own unique needs. 

Dust and allergens that may build up during long breaks and summers also need to be taken into consideration.

Grocery Stores

Unlike other entries on this list, grocery stores have the added factor of needing to keep exposed produce and other foods safe. The last thing anyone needs is for dust, pollen, and even mold to get on their fruits and vegetables. This is especially important for stores with large storage or warehouse areas.


As you could imagine, it is particularly important to make sure that hospitals remain a sterile and controlled environment. Keeping equipment and areas where medical procedures may take place clean can mean the difference between staying healthy and illness. Of course, there are most likely quite a few patients in any given hospital that may be immunocompromised or going through a treatment that makes them such. All the more reason to keep potential pathogens and irritants out of the air. 

Your Home

Your actual house is where you likely spend most of your life aside from work. It’s important to not only keep your living environment comfortable and clear of airborne irritants, but you also want to be aware if there are any potentially dangerous particles. You will sleep easier, be more focused, and notice a general change for the better.

Don’t Let Your Air Quality Slip Away

Make sure that your environment is up to par with tried-and-true indoor air testing today. Our experts at IndoorDoctor utilize proven, thorough techniques that will detect exactly what’s in your air and give you advice on how to take care of it. We value your time and will do our best to get you results as soon as possible. To talk to one of our experts, fill out a form on our contact page or call 800.466.1522.

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