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Why Indoor Air Testing for Schools is Important

September 7, 2021

A good education starts with a maintained, clean environment where kids and staff alike can focus. Part of that includes getting certified, quality indoor air testing for schools that can help identify any pathogens, irritants. Or, anything else that can reduce the quality of the surrounding area. Believe it or not, any environment and climate can have air quality issues, no matter how well you keep clean. Some real world applications that air quality testing can be used for in schools include:

Identify and Eliminate Mold

Mold has the potential to be an incredibly dangerous substance when not dealt with effectively. Black mold in particular is known to cause a variety of damaging health issues (particularly to younger kids). This includes respiratory distress, sore throat, and itching. It spreads and germinates incredibly easily, particularly in the more humid areas of the northeast. Our IndoorDoctor certified test not only helps identify the presence of mold, but the concentration of it. It’s perfect for indoor air testing for schools.

Identify That Smell

While a permeating, mysterious smell can seem relatively harmless and easy to ignore. It may very well be a symptom of noxious, potentially dangerous fumes and gases that volatile organic compounds (VOD) cause. In addition, sewage gases, formaldehyde, chemicals in paint thinners and cleaners, and pesticides cause these. And, many other seemingly benign everyday sources. Needless to say, if you suspect the presence of VODs in your school, you want to identify it as soon as possible for the safety of everyone. 

Keep Allergens Out

We may not typically think about the pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, and numerous other common allergens constantly floating in the air. That being said, they can easily make life pretty uncomfortable, especially when they’re uncontrolled, undetected, and in a high concentration. Thankfully, with our indoor air testing for schools, you’ll know exactly what you’re up against. And, you’ll have a game plan on how to tackle it.  

Indoor Air Testing for Schools

Protect the Immunocompromised  

It is everyone’s duty to protect the most vulnerable of us, and part of that is taking precautions to accommodate people whose immune systems may not be able to handle common issues. This includes influenza, COVID-19, other airborne diseases, and harmful particles (such as VODs). Our testing will allow for you to be able to make your school safer for everyone, allowing for a more holistic, clean, calm learning environment.

Make Your School Safer With Quality Indoor Testing

Your staff and kids come first, and part of making sure that they remain safe is getting certified indoor testing for schools. We value rapid response times in all of our cases and will provide you with actionable recommendations to help get your air quality to where it needs to be. 

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