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EMF Radiation: Understanding the Dangers

August 29, 2015

Though the exact cause-and-effect relationship between household and workplace EMF exposure due to cellular phones, wireless internet signals, etc., and illnesses like cancer remains unclear, some further information has been revealed since we first wrote about the correlation between EMF waves and health issues back in 2012.

Today, we understand that both the near-field and far-field radiation plumes from cell phones have the potential to interfere with the human biofield (the electromagnetic field generated at the cellular, tissue, and organ level within the human body). Some physicians, such as Dr. George Carlo, PhD, an epidemiologist and medical scientist who headed the first industry-backed studies into the dangers of cell phone use, believe that when the biofield is compromised by EMF radiation, human metabolism and physiology may be profoundly affected.

“The near field plume is the one we’re most concerned with,” explains Dr. Carlo. “This plume that’s generated within five or six inches of the center of a cell phone’s antenna is determined by the amount of power necessary to carry the signal to the base station. The more power there is, the farther the plume radiates the dangerous information-carrying radio waves.”

According to Dr. Carlo, the secondary wave cycles cell phones use to interpret information operate in a hertz (Hz) range familiar to the body, resulting in our bodies interpreting these waves as “invaders”. Rather like when our bodies are invaded by a virus, this causes a series of protective biochemical reactions that alter our physiology. While short-term exposure to such invaders is seldom harmful, long-term exposure is thought to lead to intracellular free-radical buildup, leakage in the blood-brain barrier, genetic damage, disruption of intercellular communication (leading to the symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity), and an increase in the risk of tumors. This happens because cellular energy winds up being devoted to protection rather than production: Cell membranes harden, keeping nutrients out and waste products in, which disrupts the body’s natural healing and replenishing processes and leads to a toxic build-up.

Adding to this issue, the background levels of harmful EMF waves are increasing so rapidly within our homes and offices that soon there is likely to be no difference between near exposure and far exposure. “We’re on the beginning curve of an epidemic, with epidemic defined as a change in the occurrence of a disease that is so dramatic in its increase that it portends serious public health consequences,” says Dr. Carlo.

With such a dramatic risk already present in our homes and offices, it’s essential that more research be done into how to limit our exposure to EMF radiation; only through proper testing and controls will we be able to safeguard the next generation.

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