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Carpet Cleaning When It’s Humid Can Lead to Toxic Mold

August 21, 2018

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Diligent carpet cleaning should relieve your fears of toxic mold creeping into your home… right?

That depends.

If you’re cleaning carpet on a humid day, it can heighten your chance of inviting mold into your home – and giving mold an eviction notice isn’t so easy.

The Dangers of Summer Carpet Cleaning

Periodic carpet cleaning and maintenance is critical to keeping your carpet clean and its quality intact. And even though your carpet is sheltered from outdoor elements, the weather and time of year have a lot to do with the outcome of your carpet cleaning.

During summers, the high humidity content in air and frequent precipitation create moisture. This combined with high temperatures create a toxic combination for the life expectancy of your carpet.

Maintain A Healthy Bathroom and Reduce Illness

Mold Growth

If carpets are cleaned when the weather is humid, it creates the optimum environment for mold growth to flourish undetected. Mold is one of the highest contributors to allergies. If left unnoticed, it can cause a variety of unwanted symptoms, including nasal stuffiness, irritation to the eyes, skin, and throat, coughing, or more severe issues.

Damaged Appearance

Furthermore, when you open windows and doors to air out your home, the indoor air becomes moisture rich. This can cause the carpet’s fabric to stretch and expand in size and volume and trap moisture where it doesn’t belong. The only way to get it back in shape is to have it professionally dried.

Unhealthy Environment

Moisture content in carpets causes bad odor. It reduces the quality of the fabric by wetting it and stretching it out. Pollutants, microorganisms and insects find shelter in wet and moist carpets. Insects can lay eggs or release droppings in the carpet which are not visible to the naked eye, which can spread diseases and cause allergies.

How to Combat the Damaging Effects of Humidity

This isn’t to say that you should never clean your carpet during the summer. Professional carpet cleaning services are the best defense against mold because of techniques used to clean and dry carpets, especially during humid months.

One option is to reduce your home’s moisture by lowering the temperature of the room. Additionally, turning on an air cooler or air conditioner prior to carpet cleaning can significantly reduce the humidity, plus carpets can be dried faster this way.

Your best defense is to enlist the help of a professional carpet cleaner. Professional services have the right cleaning and drying tools and techniques to clean the carpet thoroughly without letting moisture ruin the fabric. The carpet’s shape, size and quality will be retained. It also takes much less time to use a professional cleaning service than doing it yourself.

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