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Bathroom Germs: The Dirtiest Places Are the Ones You Can’t Clean

August 22, 2018

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Bathroom germs makes you sick. Everyone knows that bathrooms are one of the most germ-riddled rooms in the home. But the places that are dirtier than your tub or toilet might surprise you.

Why Your Bathroom Might Be Making You Sick

Here’s the truth: your bathroom fixtures aren’t the only things that get dirty. If you have missing tiles, poor caulking around your tub or toilet, or damp ceilings, you’re putting your health at risk every time you enter the room.

Having a missing or broken tile or poorly sealed tile grout can allow moisture to seep into cracks or underneath tile, where it’s unlikely to evaporate and impossible to clean.  Furthermore, prolonged moisture can lead to mold growth, particularly Stachybotrys that thrives in moist-rich indoor environments and can cause illness even if exposure is brief.

Broken or missing caulking around your tub, sink, and toilet can produce a similar situation. The more places moisture can hide, the more at risk you are for undetected mold growth. The air quality can also impact that of nearby bedrooms as air travels throughout your home.

When mold becomes an issue, the only way to fix the problem is to replace the floors, ceiling, and walls and ensure all new fixtures remain completely sealed.

The Best Offense Against Bathroom Germs Is a Good Defense

Is bathroom mold plaguing your home?

Don’t Sweat it: How to Prevent Toilet Condensation

Combat the chance of your home contracting a serious mold problem regularly sanitize your bathroom floors, fixtures, and shower walls.  Additionally, run your exhaust fan for 30 minutes after bathing to eliminate excess moisture. Make sure that fixtures are well caulked, grout is sealed, and broken or missing tiles are replaced.

The less water to burrow its way into your bathroom, the better for a healthy home environment.

Our team provides on-site mold testing so you can know for sure if you have a serious mold or toxin issue that can impact your health. Give us a call today to ensure your home isn’t hiding any dirty secrets that could put you and your family’s health at risk.

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