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5 Reasons the Basement May be the Unhealthiest Place in Your Home

August 24, 2021

Air testing for the basement can be incredibly important for ensuring that your property doesn’t get damaged by mold and other problems. But it can also be necessary to ensure you and your family are protected. Even if you don’t smell or see any potential issues in your basement, there are plenty of problems that can both metaphorically and literally slip under your nose. To demonstrate why basement air testing is important, here are some ways that it can be hazardous to your home at any time.

Careful With Your Furnace

It’s easy to neglect things that remain in your basement, especially if you don’t use it all that often. However, if you keep a furnace in your basement without regularly maintaining it/changing its filter, you can prevent it from working properly. And, let a potentially dangerous source of CO go unmonitored. In order to prevent any issues with your furnace, be sure to have it regularly inspected. In addition, make sure to change the filter three times a year. 

Damp And Moldy

Basements are often a prime area for water to rest. And flooding can easily become an issue in an underground area. This can lead to mold, mildew, and other various nasty particles proliferated by moisture. If you think that you may have a mold issue, be sure to seek out basement air testing.

Tip: To prevent moisture buildup and other issues, try using a dehumidifier.

Needs Ventilation

Your basement air can easily become stuffy and stagnant. As a result, it can be a breeding ground for airborne pathogens and other issues. To help mediate this, you can allow for your basement to be properly ventilated. 

We advise allowing for windows to be open for a certain portion of the day. Or installing quality air filters and circulating air that reaches your basement.  

A Home for Pests

Any room that isn’t typically inhabited or used by humans can be a comfortable home for pests trying to keep out of the elements. This includes your basement. Especially if you use it for storage or keep any sort of food down there. 

And Toxic Chemicals 

Storing certain toxic chemicals in your basement (e.g paint, pesticides, sealant), especially when they are not properly stored, can easily cause a harmful atmosphere. It can cause serious issues to anyone exposed to it, and even leak into other parts of the house.

With whatever chemicals you may have, make sure you store them tightly. You can keep them in their proper containers, and in well ventilated rooms. If you experience any headaches, general confusion, or respiratory issues, be sure to keep that room open and call a professional immediately.

Don’t Be Uncertain. Get Air Testing for Basements with IndoorDoctor

There’s nothing quite like getting the peace of mind in knowing that your property and family are protected from potentially serious issues, even if they’re hidden away. By seeking out proper basement air testing, you’ll not only know what may be wrong, but how to effectively and quickly take care of it. If you have any questions for the experts about air testing for basements, contact us. You can do that at any time online or call 800.466.1522.

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