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5 Reasons to Buy a Portable Air Purifier

August 20, 2021

Having reliably clean air shouldn’t be a privilege only relegated to certain spaces. In fact, allergens and airborne toxins are everywhere, meaning that every indoor space should be properly ventilated and filtered with a reliable medical grade air purifier. By providing yourself with a portable air purifier, you will be able to breathe easily from the office to your room.

portable air purifier

Certainly, you don’t have to rely on a building’s non-existent or possibly poor quality filtration. Also, if you’re wondering what other benefits a portable filter can bring to your life, here are some other ways that it can enhance your surrounding environment. 

1. You Can Take it Anywhere

When you’re on the go, one of the most important features of anything that you own is portability. Something that can fit nearly anywhere is essential if you’re living in an RV, travel a lot, have roommates, or just want something to have in a small space such as an office. Wherever you are, you have reliable air filtration.  

2. Protects Against Allergens

Allergens are a threat anywhere, and specific allergens are more common in certain buildings than others. You deserve to have consistent protection against pets, pollen, mold, and any other airborne irritant that may proliferate in environments.

3. Reduce Exposure to Chemicals 

Hazardous fumes from chemicals can be a common occurrence in a variety of workplaces and homes. These are volatile organic compounds, or VOCs

Common everyday items such as paint thinners, acetone, and chloride are all known to have low temperatures (usually room temperature) to emit vapors, and therefore release VOCs. So, having a portable air purifier can be an excellent way to reduce your exposure to these vapors. That is if you believe they may be a common occurrence at work or home. 

4. Control it Remotely

Many models of medical grade portable air purifier are able to be controlled via a Bluetooth connection. By being able to control your air purifier remotely, you won’t have to worry about keeping it in the way in a place that you have to immediately reach or waste time fussing with any buttons on your device.

5. Easy Maintenance 

Because these devices are usually portable and easy to use, they require minimal upkeep. Simply making sure the exterior of your Portable Air Purifier  is clean and replacing the filter on a regular basis is all you need to do. Of course, you should refer to your device’s operation manual to fully understand all proper maintenance procedures.

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The professionals at the IndoorDoctor will ensure you receive top quality air testing and solutions that guarantee a healthier environment. We will even help you choose the proper equipment that you need to maximize the quality of your air. 

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