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Windowsill Condensation Causes Mold and May Impact Your Health

January 25, 2017

It’s Winter and that familiar condensation around the windows is forming. You think nothing of it until one day you see the black specks or even heavier concentrations of mold growth. Yikes! What to do and how can you stop this from happening. Based on our independent testing windowsill condensation can create mold and impact the air you breathe. Often these molds are very active and will become airborne quite easily based on the disturbance in the area. To further complicate matters your couch and mattress are often right against the wall near a moldy windowsill. Excess condensation occurs when the window temperature is colder than the indoor air.

Here are three easy ways to reduce condensation on the windows:

  1. Run your shower exhaust fan for at least 30 minutes after bathing
  2. Always use your kitchen exhaust fan when bathing
  3. Monitor your use of a dehumidifier as this is often the culprit. You can purchase a tool called a hygrometer to measure the humidity indoors

Other more costly but permanent options include installing an air recovery system (HRV/ERV) to increase the ventilation in the home. Replacing the window with a better insulation window will also cut down on the condensate effect.

Having your home and windows tested for mold will let you know they type of mold on the windowsill, if it is active mold and if it is in the air.

If cleaning the mold do not use bleach as bleach may not fully eradicate the reproductive structures of the mold resulting in the mold from coming back. We recommend using an antimicrobial such as MoldArmor, MoldEx or Lysol. For those with chemical sensitivities try a low VOC product like Concrobium or even vinegar. If attempting to wipe down your windowsills keep in mind disturbance of the mold will result in thousands of spores becoming airborne increase your risk of exposure. A proper half face respirator, gloves, googles and ventilation is recommended. Consider running a quality air purifier like Austin Air or IQair during heavy housekeeping, vacuuming and cleaning activities. If you suspect the mold is more serious call in a professional remediation company to properly treat your contaminated windowsills. Children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are most vulnerable to the toxins associated with mold.

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