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Toxic Swimming Pools Making People Sick

August 27, 2017

Toxic swimming pools are making people sick. While swimming or just being in the pool with friends or family is fun and refreshing. There are certain disadvantages of public swimming pools. Mold, chemical, harmful bacteria, yeast, viruses and other toxins are common with swimming pools.

  1. Chemicals and wrong chlorine levels

The irritation that your eyes feel when you take a dip inside the water is due to chlorine contamination. The wrong levels of chlorine and other chemicals in the pool does not cause serious problems but it reduces the transparency of the water and makes it unclear. Moreover, it can also lead to mold or algae infection.


  1. Humidity

Excess humidity can pose a difficulty in maintaining the chlorine levels in the pool water. The pH of the water can get altered and when it is lower than the optimum value, it can cause the chlorine to expend. Humidity, moisture and rainwater can dilute the water chemicals excessively and lead to an algae or mold outbreak.

  1. Poor air quality

The air quality also plays an important role in a swimming pool’s environment. If the area is polluted and the air is contaminated with industrial discharge, smoke and other harmful particles, it can be harmful for health. Chemical deposits and particulates in the air can settle down and dissolve with the water. This can increase the acidity of the pool’s water and lead to diseases.

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  1. Water contamination due to heat

Water contains good bacteria and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria and cleared out by chemical and chlorine treatment. However, heat also plays a significant role in the breakdown of chlorine which has a direct effect on bacterial colonies.

There are some water bacteria which survive well in higher temperatures. If the water’s temperature increases more than the optimum value of 78–82-degree Fahrenheit, it can cause a chemical imbalance. This can directly lead to contamination of the water by bacteria.

  1. Locker room issues

Locker room issues are always a part of community and public pools. Some pools offer reasonable price for locker security while some are priced unreasonably.

The locker space may be insufficient.

Not everyone maintains utmost cleanliness and guidelines in the locker room. Therefore, hygiene issues may surface.

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The swimming pool association must maintain high standards of cleanliness in locker rooms and the pool to eliminate health and hygiene issues. Everyone must be instructed to follow the proper swimming pool etiquettes.

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