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Properly Vent Basement Closets for a Healthier Home

April 25, 2017

Failure to properly vent basement closets will lead to toxic mold contamination. The basement walls, your stored items, clothing and air space will become contaminated with mold. The elevated mold spores in your closets will contaminate adjacent areas causing health issues for you and your family. Reducing the amount of stored items in your closet, adding a door vent and properly dehumidifying your basement is essential to prevent toxic mold in your basement closet.

See an Improperly Vented Closet

Closets in a basement environment, homes without central air conditioning, with carpeting and near bathrooms are most vulnerable. We encourage homeowners to leave closet doors open, reduce the density of stored items so that you can see in between hanging clothes, include the closets as part of your regular housekeeping using a functional HEPA filtered vacuum.

Clean Uncluttered Closets Promote a Healthier Home

Adding door vents to closets is a good way to promote airflow. Regular inspect the backside of closet walls for signs of mold. Avoid hanging wet or damp clothing or shoes in closets as the stagnant moisture will foster favorable conditions for mold and bacteria.

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