Air Duct Cleaning Tips to Prevent Contamination

Air duct and system cleaning are essential for a healthy indoor environment. Neglect to the routine care of your HVAC system can increase the risk of illness for you and your family. Often I’ll go into a home and see the air vents are loaded with construction debris like fiberglass, gypsum dust, silicates and other harmful particulates from the construction work 15 years ago. We recommend following the EPA guidance to air duct cleaning

Here are 5 tips to follow:

  1. Make sure you are using the appropriate MERV rated filter and changing regularly.
  2. We discourage the use of a built in humidifier due to mold concerns. If you do use a built in humidifier plan on having your ducts and system cleaned every two years
  3. When you have your air ducts cleaned make sure the system components and coils are also cleaned
  4. Correct any tears or leakage around the air ducts
  5. Check to make sure the condensate drain and pan are functional

Signs that you may have contaminated air ducts include:

  1. Eye nose and throat irritation when the system is running
  2. Increased frequency of illness
  3. You’ve never cleaned the system to include after any renovation
  4. Visible debris around the air vents
  5. Condensate pan full or overflowing with bio-slime
  6. Foul odor when the system is turned on

When selecting an air duct cleaning company check the better business bureau for certifications and recent reviews. We have found the market price to be artificially low to clean your ducts and system properly. If the deal looks too good to be true stay away. Understand who is doing the work, how long they have been doing it and what assurances and equipment they have to clean your HVAC properly. Ask to see any photo evidence of contamination before and after cleaning.

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