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5 Most Harmful Home Allergens

October 13, 2021

Allergies are simply a sign that your immune system isn’t quite trained to take on certain stimuli. This can happen at any point in your life. So, making regular allergen testing important if you believe you may have developed one. Yes, airborne allergies can reduce the quality of your air and make you generally miserable. With the right tools and people, however, you can pin down exactly what’s bothering you and how to address it. To start, here are some of the most common airborne allergies that may be affecting your home or office.

1. Mold

Certain molds can cause an unnecessary amount of respiratory distress. And may even make things unbearable for people allergic to it. Unfortunately, it’s an incredibly common, somewhat annoying pollutant to get rid of. 

To see if your allergies are caused by mold or some sort of other allergen, try going around to problem areas (places exposed to moisture). And see if you can find the tell-tale signs of mold such as:

  • Dark spots
  • Moisture rings
  • Musty smell

2. Pet Dander

We all love our animal companions. Unfortunately, nearly all of them produce some sort of allergen that comes from their skin or saliva. Dogs, cats, birds, and bunnies are all sources of common allergies that can make you or anyone living in your home uncomfortable. To help mitigate the effects, try working with your doctor for an antihistamine that works and install an air purifier. If you have multiple animals in your home that may cause your symptoms, you may want to opt for allergen testing to narrow down the culprit.

3. Pollen

At the time of this writing, it is indeed spring. That means grass and pollen debris are out in full force and are even coating your car in noxious yellow particulates in some areas. 

To help keep these irritants out of your home, be sure to keep your windows and door closed. And make sure your air filter is regularly replaced.  

4. Insect Debris 

Believe it or not you likely have debris and waste from small insects like dust mites and ants around your home. You can help keep this at bay by taking out your rug and installing tile or wood (which is much easier to clean and less likely to hold on to particulates. 

Regular dusting (with a mask if needed) and washing of your bedding is also a good way to keep various allergens out of your home. 

5. Household Dust

The bane of homeowners everywhere, dust is a natural byproduct of our skin cells, dirt, and other microscopic debris combined by our own activity spreading it everywhere. Again, regular cleaning can help keep this at manageable levels. 

Bust Allergens with an Air Quality Inspection Today

While these listed allergens are common things that you can expect in any household, they are by no means the only airborne irritants that you should look out for. With a thorough allergen testing by IndoorDoctor, our experts will help to identify exactly the allergens that may be in your home and office, and in what quantity. 

For any inquiries you have, fill out our online form any time, or give us a call at 800.466.1522.

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