Who We Help

Whether you need our services in the home or in the office, we understand the many different reasons you might need environmental testing.

Here are just of few of types of customers we can help:

Concerned Parents

Children are much more sensitive to indoor air pollution because their lungs and respiratory systems are still developing. IndoorDoctor has this in mind when targeting specific toxins and pollutants that can impact your children’s health the most.

Concerned Family Members:

IndoorDoctor handles your concerns for your parent’s or loved one’s living space with complete respect and dignity. Clear facts and suitable options are presented so everyone can make the most informed decisions.

People Who Are Ill

IndoorDoctor knows that harmful pathogens and contaminants can prolong illness. So, while your home may or may not be the immediate cause of your ill health, it certainly could be making the adverse health symptoms worse. The data collected from your indoor environment can be shared with your physicians for better treatment and diagnosis.

Homebuyers and Homeowners

IndoorDoctor achieves impartial and cost effective environmental evaluations. Reduce unwanted stressors and gain peace of mind with accurate results and timely reporting.


IndoorDoctor addresses time sensitive environmental issues and handles concerns that arise during the buying process without complicating the transaction further. We appreciate that time is of the essence and provide customer-oriented assessments that meet your schedule and deadlines.

Property Managers

IndoorDoctor can help you respond to tenant inquires about air quality and health related symptoms. Arm yourself with expertise with our proven prevention and control measures to reduce the environmental contamination of your property.

Restoration Contractors

IndoorDoctor can help minimize exposure while promoting quality assurance for your customers. We identify pre-existing conditions and measure restoration success with independent testing.


IndoorDoctor provides rapid field-testing to assess environmental consequences of foreclosed and distressed properties. Get the indisputable, tangible evidence required for warranty and contractual obligations.


IndoorDoctor can conduct comprehensive and objective environmental surveys at your patient’s residence, enabling complete diagnostic examinations. We can also validate cleaning practices in operating and exam rooms.


IndoorDoctor can immediately address parent and faculty environmental concerns with facts and reason. This provides reassuring guidance when confronting unwarranted environmental scare scenarios or legitimized complaints.

Insurance Companies

IndoorDoctor can help you validate claims with our certified inspection, testing, and reporting processes. We will work with all parties and adjusters to address the claim and offer practical solutions.

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