Frequently Asked Questions

For your reference, we have put together some of our most commonly asked questions:

Q - Do you give free estimates?

A - Our services provide superior environmental consulting and testing services for indoor environments using sound engineering principles. We do not speculate or estimate about what is not known. Services that provide free or low cost estimates are generally interested in selling a remediation plan whether you need one or not. With our services, you will know with scientific certainty whether the environmental hazard is present, what its overall concentration is, if there are hidden moisture zones (using infrared technology), as well as the root cause and toxicity. Each custom report will tell you if conditions are favorable for mold or other environmental concerns and then provide a detailed action plan and follow-up consultation.

Q - Do I have to be present during the inspection? 

A - No. While we do encourage you to be there, we understand that conflicts arise and that your presence might not be feasible based on your current location. We are happy to conduct detailed onsite and post inspection briefings about our initial impression and observations.

Q - How many samples do I need?

A - The recommended number of samples is based on the type of test your property requires, your overall intent, and the layout of the property. We make sure that our samples cover enough data points to draw clear conclusions.

Q - When can I expect results?

A - Our standard processing ensures priority status. In most cases you can expect laboratory results within three (3) business days after the inspection. If you need the results faster, we offer next day and even same day results!

Q - I had remediation and want to be sure it was done correctly. What can I do?

A - Give us a call and we’ll perform quality assurance testing and examinations to ensure that the environmental hazard is no longer present and conditions are not favorable for reoccurrence.

Q - Do you subcontract the work?

A - No, the IndoorDoctor® specialist conducting the evaluation will be fully trained, certified, uniformed and the one preparing your final report. Some national based companies will often subcontract the work to someone they haven’t met or who does not have the credentials needed to perform air quality testing—and often their reports are written by another person who wasn’t even at your property during the assessment.

Q - How will I receive the report?

A - You will receive an email containing the full report, including the laboratory data, imagery, findings, and recommendations. We try to summarize the findings further in the email so you can get the gist while reading off your phone or tablet, too.

Q - What if my physician has questions?

A - We’d be glad to discuss the evaluation, findings, and laboratory results with your medical team at no additional charge. Often your physician may want to expand on the testing-based key markers that are uncovered. We work closely with top allergists, immunologists, and medical specialists to provide them with the key indoor environmental information that could be affecting their patients—this inturn helps lead to a better diagnosis and treatment, too.

Q - Where are you located?

A - We have two locations: 275 Grove St Newton MA 02466 35 Manchester Rd Derry NH 03038

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