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Remote Testing for Your Environmental Concerns

We can service you Anytime – Anywhere – Nationwide – Worldwide.

IndoorDoctor now offers our most popular indoor environmental testing services virtually.

Anywhere – Anytime – Nationwide – Worldwide

Let us help you ensure your space is as healthy as possible. We will be with you as virtually giving you direction on how to use the tools we sent while carefully taking samples from your home. Our experienced professionals will inform you with any concerns they see while conducting the testing.


  • 1

    You tell us your indoor environmental concerns and we send you our
    professional-grade testing equipment.
  • 2

    We schedule a 1-1 Zoom call at your convenience to go over your concerns and walk you through the easy process of sampling your space.
  • 3

    You send back the samples and equipment in a prepaid, ready-to-ship box.
  • 4

    After receiving independent laboratory results, we issue you a professional report just as if we were on site collecting the samples ourselves.
  • 5

    We schedule a follow-up Zoom call to go over the results and


Fire Damage

Spray Foam


Mold and Allergen

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Certified Mold Investigations

An IndoorDoctor® certified mold investigation confirms or denies the
presence of toxic mold in the air or on surfaces, and identifies it by type
and concentration.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

An IndoorDoctor® indoor air quality evaluation detects and quantifies
unhealthy air using proven sampling techniques and instant onsite


Specialty Testing

IndoorDoctor® addresses your concerns about specific toxin and indoor
pollutant sensitivities through specialty testing.

Virtual Testing

IndoorDoctor® created a innovative new method in getting testing results from your home any where you are.