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6. 12. 19

Attic Mold Testing: How Healthy Is Your Attic?

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5. 16. 19

Air Duct Cleaning: How Dirty Ducts Cause Illness

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5. 13. 19

Vaping Indoors: How E-Cigarettes Affects Indoor Air Quality

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4. 27. 19

The Invisible Dangers of Ozone Machines: Do They Make Your Air Quality Worse?

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3. 17. 19

PureHaven Safe Non-Toxic Products You Can Trust

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3. 16. 19

The Link Between Indoor Air Quality and Eczema

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3. 10. 19

Toxic Mold and How It Destroys Lives

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2. 6. 19

Formaldehyde: The Toxic Secret Hiding in Your Wrinkle-Free Shirts

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1. 30. 19

HEALTHY HOME GUIDE: Spray Foam Insulation

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12. 8. 18

Home from the Hospital? How Indoor Air Quality Testing Can Improve Your Recovery

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1 dead, 5 infected by mold that halted hospital surgeries. Parents should speak up if they see or smell mold in the exam rooms…

IndoorDoctor Testing Commercial Garage via @YouTube On-site today conducting air quality testing for a client wanting to make sure their garage is healthy. We are instantly measuring total chemcials, noxious gasses, ultrafine particulates. #VOC #IAQTesting

Sewage overflow floods home in Melrose. Sewage is the worst type of toxin. Blood pathogens Hep C bacterias viruses. Great potential for cross contamination.…

Air Duct Cleaning: How Dirty Ducts Cause Illness…

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