Products That Really Work

Combat COVID-19 Virus and illness with proven medical grade air purifiers. Every day we are asked which indoor air quality products really work. Most products claim to be the best, but we have the technology to test them and will only select the top rated products based on independent testing, customer feedback, and results. These are products that we have in our homes, bedrooms, offices to ensure the healthiest environment possible.

Austin Air Purifiers

Features Medical Grade Filtration Down To Virus Level 0.1 Micron! Austin Air’s powerful 360-degree intake system draws air into all sides to maximize efficiency and deliver purified air faster.

IQAir Air Purifiers

Features HYPER-HEPA Filtration 10 x smaller than a Coronavirus! Medical grade purifiers suitable for: asthma sufferers, people with COPD or respirator illness, a compromised immune system, or simply want the best purified air.