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2. 1. 17

Channel 5 Special Report: Toxic Mold After Flooding

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4. 28. 14

Channel 5: IndoorDoctor Helps Homeowner Deal With Toxic Home

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3. 9. 14

Channel 5 Interviews IndoorDoctor About “Air Cleaning Plants”

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sanitization efforts. We hear a lot in the news about “cleaning crews” sanitizing surfaces. wants to validate these cleaning approaches with independent laboratory based evidence. #COVID19 #FlattenTheCurve

IndoorDoctor Now Tests For COVID-19… IndoorDoctor is trying to help flatten the COVID-19 Virus curve through our onsite testing and diagnostic services. We now offer surface sampling for COVID-19. This service helps measure the effectiveness of cleaning and

Proper Containment During Mold Remediation via @YouTube

Proper Containment During Mold Remediation via @YouTube

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